Instructions for Submitting Your Form

Due to the very high volume of patients who require FMLA and disability paperwork to be completed and signed by the doctor, we have implemented the following platform to assist in the rapid processing of these important and necessary forms. Through this platform, all FMLA and disability forms will be returned to you, digitally, within 7 business days, depending on the delivery option you choose. Once complete, your form(s) will be provided to you through a convenient, secure and efficient electronic platform. Your form(s) will also be stored in your electronic chart at the Orthopedic Institute of WI and you will have personal control and access to your form(s) that you will now own. For any questions, please call (262) 747-0845.


Please have these items handy before you start!

* You should fill out any patient/caregiver sections of your form before submitting it to us.

To keep you up-to-date, you will receive two text alerts - one to confirm that your request is in process and one to let you know that your request has been completed.

You will receive text messages similar to these samples:

Orthopedic Institute of Wisconsin is reviewing your request. Will message if any issues. Will message again when form is ready.
Tracking #XXXX-XXXX
Your Disability/FMLA form is ready. Go to Click green box.
Tracking #XXXX-XXXX

There has been an error processing your request. Technical support has been alerted, however additional information will help solve this issue. Please send some brief comments describing what you were doing:

Thank you for your comments. While waiting for technical support, please logout and log back in before retrying.